Terms of business

My Fees

My fee does depend on the amount of work involved in each case. In the case of straightforward matters I will try to agree a fee with you in advance. If the matter is more complex or if it is unclear how much work is involved then I will charge at my hourly rate – I will let you know the likely fee at the outset of the matter. If legalisation is required then the fees involved in attending to legalisation matters will be charged separately – I will always do my best to let you know the cost of legalisation in advance.

I am not currently registered for VAT.


You are responsible for payments that I make on your behalf. My charges take into account my ordinary business expenses, such as ordinary postage and telephone charges however, I reserve the right to charge you for any unusual expenses that I incur and you are responsible for payments that I make on your behalf. For example legalisation fees paid to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or Embassy fees. Legalisation agents fees, Companies House registry fees, courier fees and special postage charges. I will endeavour to agree these expenses with you in advance of them being incurred.

Time For Payment

My fee is payable at the time of the signing of the document or upon receipt of the notarised document. If I render a bill in respect of work then payment is due when you receive the bill.

Your Own Professional Advisors

You must be aware that it is not the responsibility of a Notary Public to give you legal advice concerning the document. It is my role to be satisfied that you understand the content of the document and that you wish to be bound by it. You must seek and obtain the advice of your own independent legal professional advisor who is skilled in the law of the country in which the document is to be used.

My Responsibilities

As a Notary I have to be satisfied as to your identity, your legal capacity, your authority and your understanding and approval as to any transaction that you are proposing to enter into. The document may be in a foreign language. It is a Notary’s job to ensure that both the Notary and his client understand the meaning and effect of the document and transaction and in certain circumstances therefore, I may insist on a translation. I will at all times try to ensure that the document in the way that it is executed and its form and substance are fit for the purpose for which it is to be use. I must be satisfied that you sign any document as voluntary act and that no fraud, violence or duress are involved and that all formalities either under English or any relevant foreign law are observed.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or Consular Legalisation

Some countries require a document to be legalised. This is the process by which a foreign state confirms that my seal and signature are those of an English Notary. Usually the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will attach an apostille to the document. In certain circumstances the document then must be sent to the London embassy of the country to which the document is to be used. This Embassy will then attach its own certificate to the document. Your own lawyer will probably advise you of the need for legalisation and if not you should ask him about it. I shall be able to obtain the necessary legalisation and will discuss with you the timescale and whether legalisation agents or couriers should be used and I will let you know the costs involved. You can deal with legalisation yourself if you wish.

Register and Protocol

At the end of each matter I make a formal entry of the main details of the transaction in my register and I keep copies of the notarised document and proof of identity in my protocol.

My Liability

I carry professional indemnity liability in cover of £4 million which is more than the minimum level of cover specified by the Master of the Faculty. I therefore limit the level of my liability to you to £4 million unless you are injured or die as a result of my negligence, in which case my liability is without limit.

Relevant Law

The law which governs my contract with you is English law and it is agreed that any dispute relating to my services shall be resolved by the English Courts.