When arranging an appointment

It is a Notary Public’s responsibility and duty to confirm the identity of his client or of anyone acting on his client’s behalf.

A Notary must also be satisfied that his client has sufficient capacity and authority to enter into a proposed transaction and that his client understands the nature of the transaction itself.

For that reason there are some preliminary requirements.

When you attend your appointment you must bring with you evidence of your identity. I will need to see your current valid passport if you have one. If not I will need to see other photographic evidence of your identity such as your driving licence. I will also need proof of your current address for example a recent utility or Council Tax bill or bank statement. These must be less three months old. 

If you are representing someone else or acting, for example as an Executor of a Will or as an attorney or on behalf of a company, then I will need to see written evidence of your appointment, such as a Grant of Probate or a valid Power of Attorney.

If the document that I am to authorise is in a language other than English then it may be necessary to obtain a translation.

It would be helpful to enable me to assist you effectively if you can email to me any documents that need to be authenticated so that I can check the type of transaction concerned and advise you of the exact requirements and indeed provide you with a quote for the costs involved and the likely timescale.

Finally, can you please forward on to me any instructions which have been given by the lawyer who prepared the document for you. This is because there may be requirements about signing each page or any specific requirements of the country in which the document will be used.